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Takedown recurve bows are the best bow when it comes to portability and versatility. These bows can easily be disassembled so that they can easily fit in a backpack and can be carried around effortlessly. If you are searching for the best takedown recurve bows, we have provided a list of products that you can choose from. We also share some tips and information on how you can get the best hunting or shooting experience with this kind of bow. Read the rest of the post below for more information.


Regardless you are into hunting or archery, the right recurve bow will provide you with a unique user experience. Compare the features and prices of the products on our list to get the best deals.

If you’re curious, or in a hurry:

This specific takedown recurve bow is one of the most popular. It is the perfect target shooting archery set, or hunting bow and arrow for adults and youth.

Here is a list of the best takedown recurve bows that are available on Amazon. Check out the features and prices of each product to determine which one suits your budget and preferences.

Best Takedown Recurve Bows

#1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage takedown recurve bow is an entry-level bow. It is for beginners who are just starting to develop and build their shooting abilities. This bow is also commonly used as a back-up by hunting who are into big hunting expeditions. It features durable limbs that are from maple and fiberglass.

This takedown recurve bow comes in both left and right-handed versions. Moreover, it features a string and an arrow rest that are useful accessories. The Samick Sage takedown recurve bow is also equipped with pre-installed bushings for the plunger and a quiver for the arrows. This bow allows users to have a stable, smooth, and accurate shot.


  • Limbs are made from quality materials
  • Comes with accessories
  • Upgrades are available


  • Slight noise when the string is release

#2. SinoArt Survival Compact Takedown Bow

The SinoArt survival compact takedown bow is ideal for beginners and those who are looking for an ideal weapon. This bow is ambidextrous, which means that it is ideal for both left and right-handed users. The limbs of this bow are from fiberglass, which is durable and will not easily break. The bowstring is also made from Dyneema which is known to be strong material.

This takedown recurve bow has a draw weight of 0.8kg, which is ideal for archers with a maximum draw length of 35 inches. The bow is 56 inches in length. The recurve bow comes in different draw weights that you can choose from.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • For left and right-handed users


  • Noe of the best quality

#3. GLURAK Traditional Takedown Recurve Bow

The GLURAK traditional takedown recurve bow is a string and lightweight bow that can last for a long time. This bow is comfortable to hold and has a tight build tolerance. It features sturdy limbs and an ergonomic grip that is comfortable to the hands even at full draw. This takedown recurve bow is ideal for beginners but can also be used by experienced archers.

This takedown recurve bow comes in a package that includes a bow riser, limbs, and other useful accessories. It can also be upgraded with a bow sight and other upgrades. The takedown recurve bow also comes in different draw weights that are ideal for hunting or target practice.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Comes in a complete package


  • Accessories might not be of the best quality

#4. CPTARCH Takedown Recurve Bow

The CPTARCH takedown recurve bow is equipped with symmetrical designs that provide accuracy and power to hit the target. The smart riser design is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. It has riser that can be taken down and limbs made from durable fiberglass material.

This takedown recurve bow comes in a package that includes a riser, finger guard, and arrows. It is an ideal bow set gift for introducing archery to children or teens. It is for kids ages nine years old and above.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Accurate and stable
  • Long lasting


  • Not for professionals

#5. Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow

The Southwest Archery Tigershark takedown recurve bow is equipped with a precision pin-locking technology that guarantees exact limb replacement for improved accuracy and performance. Four different kinds of wood used to create this recurve bow. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it works perfectly as well. It has versions that are available for both left and right-handed users.

This takedown recurve bow has an adjustable draw weight of 25 to 60 lbs. You can easily choose the ideal draw weight that will enhance your shooting performance. It features reinforced limb tips that allow you to use it with different kinds of strings.


  • Easy to adjust draw weight
  • Versions available for both left and right-handed users
  • Durable and Accurate


  • Low-quality string

Editor’s Choice

For this list of the best takedown recurve bow, we choose KESHES Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow as our best choice. It has both left and right-handed options and has an ergonomic design that provides the best shooting performance. Moreover, it has pre-installed brass bushing for upgrades and accessories. This takedown recurve bow is ideal for target shooting.

What is a Takedown Recurve Bow?

Takedown recurve bows are the same as one-piece bows when it comes to the design. However, the takedown bows have limbs that can be separated from the riser. This type of bow is ideal for beginners because the limbs can be adjusted and upgraded as their skills improve. The draw weight of the bow can also be adjusted by replacing the existing limbs with heavier or lighter ones.

✅ Video – One-piece or takedown bows

The video below tackles the difference between takedown and one-piece bow. When it comes to choosing the right bow that suits your needs and preferences, there are many things that you need to consider. Check out the video below for more information.

The Benefits of Takedown Recurve Bows

They Are Versatile

The great thing about takedown recurve bows is that they are versatile. They are equipped with limbs that can be replaced. The changing limbs enable the user to change the characteristics of the bow while maintaining the familiar hand feel. As your skills improve, you can upgrade the bow without costing a lot of money.

They Are Portable

Takedown recurve bows are portable which means that they can easily be transported. The traditional bows are large and can be difficult to travel with. Takedown bows can be disassembled so that they can fit inside a backpack. They can also be packed in luggage which is perfect if you are traveling for a hunting trip or a shooting competition.

✅ Video – How to set-up a takedown recurve bow

The video below tackles about the right way to set-up a takedown recurve bow. Make sure that you assemble the bow properly so that it can provide the best shooting performance. Check out the video below for more information.

They Are Stable

Takedown bows are known for their stability. These types of bows have three separate pieces, which tend to be a bit heavier as compared to one-piece recurve bows. The added weight can be an advantage when shooting crosswind. Takedown bows provide accurate and stable shots.

How to Choose Your First Takedown Recurve Bow

Pick a Low Draw Weight

The draw weight plays an important role in the overall performance of the bow. Many charts show how to choose the right draw weight according to your weight. On the other hand, it is ideal that you pick a bow with a low draw weight that can make a difference when it comes to user experience.

Invest In a Beginners Package

It is ideal to purchase a beginners package that contains all that you need for your first shooting lesson. Choose a package that includes the necessary accessories from bow to arrows. This way, you can save yourself from the hassle of figuring out which parts you need.

Choose an Affordable Bow

Starting on archery does not require you to have the most expensive bow. You can opt for an affordable, but high-quality takedown recurve bow for target shooting. As you improve, you can change the draw weight and the components of the bow to suit your skills.

✅ Video – Choosing your first recurve bow

In the video below, choosing the first recurve bow is tackled. Many kinds of takedown recurve bows are sold on the market. You must consider various factors when choosing a bow. You can watch the video below for information about the things that you should look for in a bow.


Q1: What arrows should I use for a takedown recurve bow?

The kind of arrow that you will have to depend on the specifications of the bow. Take note that there are bows that only works for certain kinds of an arrow. Make sure that you use the right arrow for the bow to have the best shooting performance.

Q2: Why is a left-hand or a right-hand option necessary?

The two options are necessary for the shooting aim of the user. If you are left-handed, you need to hold the bow with your right hand and pull the string with the left one. If you are right-handed, you need to hold the bow with the left hand and pull the string with the right hand.

Q3: What kind of limb should I choose for replacement?

You should choose a limb that suits the bow. It is important to make sure that the bow will work perfectly, and the limbs fit with the other parts of the bow.

Q4: How does a takedown recurve bow work?

A takedown recurve bow works by storing energy in the limbs when pulling back the drawstring. Once the drawstring is released, the energy transferred into the arrows.

Q5: What kinds of materials used for takedown recurve bows?

The common materials used for takedown recurve bow are wood and fiberglass laminate.

The End

Takedown recurve bows can be disassembled for easy storage and transportation. If you are looking for the best takedown recurve bow, you need to compare the features and prices of different products to get the best deals. Consider the draw weight and the left or right-hand option of the bow so that you can determine the one that works best for you. Thank you for reading!


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